15th August 2022

Just another Buell fan

Some Buell XB R Parts For Sale

I have a few items for sale if anyone is interested bosh me an email using the contact form. G0500.1AAG Belt with a hole but can be used in an emergency, was used with hole and ridden through Europe back to the UK no probs. FREE to anyone who wants it.


Bike Review – Buell XB9R Firebolt – SRB Motorcycle Diaries

Bike Review – Buell XB9R FireboltWhen I first laid eyes on a photo of the Buell XB Firebolt, I thought it was weird. Like many others, I thought it was really ugly. What’s up with that weird bikini fairing. Looks like a platypus. Why is that frame so huge! It didn’t look like a ‘normal’ […]